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Japanese Patent JPS6374061
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PURPOSE: To utilize sensitized paper whose paper face smoothness is low, by executing an exposure corresponding to an image of an original, to a thermosensible recording body first, fixing other part than latent image forming an image forming parts, and thereafter, heating the whole surface by a heating means of a non-contact type, forming a visible image and recording it.

CONSTITUTION: In an exposing part 1, when a light beam l from a lamp 2 is radiated in a state that an original 3 is placed on a thermosensible layer 4b of a thermosensible recording body 4, opaque parts a1Wa3 of the original 3 shield a light beam, transparent parts b1Wb3 allow the light beam to transmit through and a light energy is supplied to the thermosensible layer 4b, and a latent image corresponding to an image of the original 3 is formed on the surface of the thermosensible layer 4b. Subsequently, the light beam is sent to a position of a heating means 8 through a separating means 7, and the whole surface of the thermosensible layer 4b of the thermosensible recording body 4 is heated uniformly. Parts C1WC3 of the thermosensible layer 4b are in a state of an unreacted diazo compound, therefore, they are color-developed, and other parts are not color-developed by heat since the unreacted diazo compound is decomposed already by the light energy, and by this whole surface heating, a visible image is formed.

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April 04, 1988
Filing Date:
September 17, 1986
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B41J2/32; B41M5/28; B41M5/30; G03D13/00; (IPC1-7): B41J3/20; B41M5/18; G03D13/00
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Sugiyama Takeshi