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Japanese Patent JP3647189
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a resin compsn. which is excellent in the balance among physical properties and has a good surface appearance.
SOLUTION: This compsn. essentially comprises a rubber-modified styrene resin (A) (pref. a rubber-modified polystyrene) and a polyphenylene ether resin (B) having a reduced viscosity (in a chloroform soln. with a concn. of 0.5 g/dl, at 25°C) of 0.2-0.7 dl/g. Ingreient A has the following characteristics: 1) the rubber content (RC, wt.%) satisfies 3≤RC≤20; 2) the wt. average rubber particle size (Dw, μm) satisfies 0.3≤Dw≤0.9; 3) the 5% value of wt.-basis cumulative particle size distribution is 1 μm or lower, and the 95% value is 0.2 μm or higher; 4) the ratio of toluene-insolubles content (X wt.%) to rubber content (Y wt.%) is 1.0-2.5; 5) the ratio of dispersed salami-structured rubber particles to all the dispersed rubber particles is 80 wt.% or higher; and 6) the number of rubber particles each contg. not more than 20 styrene resin particles accounts for at least 70 % of the number of all the dispersed rubber particles.

Kiichi Yoneya
Yoji Shichijo
Kawabe Honest
Masahiko Takeuchi
Shigeru Owada
Kazuyoshi Sueoka
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Publication Date:
May 11, 2005
Filing Date:
March 24, 1997
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Toyo Styrene Co., Ltd.
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C08L51/04; C08L71/00; C08L71/12; (IPC1-7): C08L51/04; C08L71/12
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Motohiro Kurauchi
Hiroshi Kazama