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Japanese Patent JP3368054
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PURPOSE: To cope with largely increased machine speed by surely stopping a rod tentatively at the stopping position and preventing the end of the rod from being damaged.
CONSTITUTION: The drum shell 52 having a plurality of receiving grooves 66 formed on its outer surface is covered with a drum cover. A plurality of suction holes 68 are opened at the tentatively stopping positions on the bottom of each receiving groove. Further, a positioning rod 72 for deciding the final position of a cigarette is arranged on the deeper position than the tentatively stopping position of the groove. The drum cover 78 has an air opening 80 formed on the positioning rod side within the rotation angle at which cigarettes are fed. The positioning rod 72 has an air path communicating to the receiving groove. The running speed of a cigarette fed in the groove 6 is reduced by the sucking pressure supplied to the sucking hole and tentatively stops by the air pressure acting on the inside of the groove through the path from the air opening 80.

Suzuki, Minoru
Suzuki, Takehiro
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Publication Date:
January 20, 2003
Filing Date:
July 22, 1994
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International Classes:
A24C5/39; A24C5/32; A24C5/47; (IPC1-7): A24C5/47; A24C5/39
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長門 侃二