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Japanese Patent JPH07208014
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PURPOSE: To improve safety by mounting sensors detecting the presence or absence of men on both surfaces of a door under the state of door closing on both surfaces of the door and temporarily locking the operation of door opening when detecting outputs are generated in both sensors.

CONSTITUTION: When a man approaches to one side of a door 2, either of sensors 6a, 6b detects the approach, alarm lamps 7b, 7a on the other side are lit and the approach of the man is notified. Since both sensors 6a, 6b detect the approach of men to both sides holding the door 2 when the men approach to both sides holding the door 2, a timer 8 is started and an electronic lock 9 is locked, thus allowing no operation of door opening from the man positioned on the side of pushing-open, then lighting the lamps 7b, 7a and mutually notifying the existence of the men on the opposite sides. Since the locking of a lock is released by operating a knob 5, the man positioned on the side of pulling and opening freely opens the door. When there is no operation of door opening on the side of pulling and opening, locking is released at the same time as a time-up, and the man freely opens the door from the side of pushing and opening. Accordingly, a collision against the door can be prevented.

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Publication Date:
August 08, 1995
Filing Date:
January 20, 1994
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International Classes:
E05F7/00; E05B45/06; (IPC1-7): E05F7/00; E05B45/06
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一色 健輔 (外2名)