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Japanese Patent JP3205522
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To properly prevent the hands or the head from entering the space under a rectangular load-carrying platform by applying the constitution that a safety enclosure for covering space between the external surface of the rectangular load-carrying platform and the external surface of a base is formed like telescopic bellows type capable of following the vertical motion of the load-carrying platform, using a plate material having rigidity.
SOLUTION: Safety enclosures 4 are formed so that two parallel sides of a plurality of boards 5 having rigidity are continuously jointed to each other via hinges 8 like a bellows, so as to be freely flexible via the hinges 8. The safety enclosures 4 are separated into each side where the outlines of a load-carrying platform 2 and a base 3 are faced, and mounted via the hinges 8. Furthermore, the safety enclosures 4 have two types of boards 5 and 6 with or without notches 7 formed at both ends. The board 5 is formed so that the breadth of a board 5a on the load-carrying platform 2 is equal to a half of the breadth of other boards. Also, the safety enclosures 4 can be fitted with flexible parts relative to each other at half-pitch displacement, and the boards 5 and 6 are alternately arranged on each side of the load-carrying platform 2. Thus, the enclosures 4 become capable of following the vertical motion of the load-carrying platform 2 and freely collapsible. Also, the corners 9 of the board 6 enter the notches 7.

Isomura, Yoshinobu
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Publication Date:
September 04, 2001
Filing Date:
March 12, 1997
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B65G69/24; B66F7/28; (IPC1-7): B66F7/28
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三好 秀和 (外8名)