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Japanese Patent JPS61182176
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PURPOSE: To shorten a collating processing time by queuing both shades to be collated next in parallel to the collation of the collating shade and the registering shade onto the collating auxiliary means.

CONSTITUTION: A collating device 2 respectively reads a collating shade from the first buffer memory 9 and a registering shade from the third buffer memory 11, and both these shades are displayed on the screen. While the collating shade on the first paper and the registering corresponding to this are displayed on the collating device 2, the collating shade on the second paper and the registering shade corresponding to this are written in the second and fourth buffer memories 10 and 12 of a collating auxiliary means 30 and enters the queuing condition. When an operator completes the confirmation in the collating device 2, a collating completion signal is sent from the collating device 2 to a control device 4, and thus, the control device 4 changes over switches 6 and 7 and the second and fourth buffer memory 10 and 12 are respectively connected to the collating device 2, and switches 5 and 8 are changed over, the first buffer memory 9 is connected to a reading device 1 and the third buffer memory 11 is connected to a filing device 3.

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August 14, 1986
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February 06, 1985
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G06T7/00; G06K9/00; (IPC1-7): G06K9/00

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