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Japanese Patent JPH03201439
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PURPOSE: To prevent a defect from generating in a polysilicon layer in a contact hole due to an oxidative heat treatment for flattening and to prevent the contact failure of a wiring to a substrate by a method wherein the interval between a first conductor part, which is connected to the substrate via the contact hole in an insulating layer and consists of a wiring layer, and a second conductor part provided separately from the first conductor part is set within a constant length.

CONSTITUTION: A polysilicon layer 4 covering the whole surface of an interlayer insulating film 2, the inner surface of a contact bole 3 and the surface, which is exposed through the hole, of a substrate 1 is formed and moreover, a WSi layer 5 is formed on the layer 4. A first conductor part 5a, which is connected to the substrate 1 via the hole 3 and whose wiring length between the connected part of the part 5a with the substrate 1 and the end part of the part 5a is 50μm, and a second conductor part 5b arranged separately from the part 5a are formed. After that, a smooth coat film 6, which covers the whole surface of the layer 5 including a cut part 12 of a wiring, is formed and an oxidative heat treatment is performed to flatten the film 6. Then, a conductor part 8 for connection use, which is electrically connected with the parts 5a and 5b via contact holes 7 and consists of Al, is formed on the film 6.

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September 03, 1991
Filing Date:
December 28, 1989
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International Classes:
H01L23/52; H01L21/3205; (IPC1-7): H01L21/3205