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Japanese Patent JP3652266
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To quickly carry out pitching regulation and rolling regulation over a wide regulation range by a compact structure in a service vehicle having an attitude change operating means capable of freely changing a longitudinal inclination angle and a lateral inclination angle of a machine body main body to a grounded part of a traveling device and a controlling means performing manual pitching control and manual rolling control for controlling operation of the attitude change operating means on the basis of command information from a manual attitude change commanding means commanding a change in the longitudinal inclination and a change in the lateral inclination of the machine body main body.
SOLUTION: The attitude change operating means 100 is provided with four driving means C2-C5 capable of freely changing and adjusting the height of the left side front part, the left side rear part, the right side front part, and the right side rear part of the machine body main body respectively to the grounded part of the traveling device. When a change of inclination in the longitudinal direction and a change of inclination in the lateral direction are commanded at the same time, the controlling means 200 carries out the manual pitching control and the manual rolling control simultaneously.

Kazuhiro Takahara
Hiroshi Ikeda
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May 25, 2005
Filing Date:
March 29, 2001
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Kubota Corporation
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A01D67/00; A01D69/00; B62D49/00; B62D55/116; G05D1/08; (IPC1-7): B62D55/116; A01D67/00; A01D69/00; B62D49/00; G05D1/08
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Shuichiro Kitamura