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Japanese Patent JP3256294
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PURPOSE: To effectively eliminate a false pupil edge, and to improve accuracy for detecting the line of sight by estimating a pupil circle by using the least square method based on extracted all pupil edge data.
CONSTITUTION: Extracted plural pupil edges are divided into the upper side part 71, the lower side part 72, the right side part 73 and the left side part 74 of a pupil circle, and based on data of the remaining sides except edge data of one side, a pupil circle 75' is estimated, and simultaneously, an estimated deviation quantity is also calculated. That is, for instance, in the case an edge of the lower side of the pupil circle is extracted erroneously due to influence of an eyelid, when the pupil circle is calculated by using extracted all edge data, an erroneous pupil circle 75 is obtained. Therefore, by estimating the circle by the data from which the lower side edge in an enclosure 72 is eliminated, a correct pupil circle 75' can be detected. In this case, since the circle is estimated by using the minimum square method, the radius or the diameter of the circle is used for the correction.

Akashi, Akira
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Publication Date:
February 12, 2002
Filing Date:
October 29, 1992
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A61B3/113; G02B7/28; G03B13/02; (IPC1-7): A61B3/113; G02B7/28; G03B13/02
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岸田 正行 (外2名)