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Japanese Patent JP2002186413
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To solve such a problem that good smoke is not obtained and much manpower is required for generating the smoke in a conventional smoking apparatus because the smoking material is fired by a firing means for firing the food material.

A smoke-generating part 21 for generating the smoke S by firing the smoking material is installed separately from a firing furnace 9 having a gas burner 11 for directly firing the food material F, and a smoke-blowing head 43 is inserted into the firing furnace 9 so that the smoke S generated at the smoke-generating part 21 may be blown out from the smoke-blowing head 43 to the interior of the firing furnace 9. The smoke-generating part 21 is nearly automated by allowing the smoking material W in a silo 25 to be continuously fed to a smoking material-firing furnace 29 by a screw conveyor 27, and the air required for the combustion in the smoking material-firing furnace 29 is fed while regulating the air by a blower 35 through a dumper 39. As a result, the smoke S in a desired combustion state can be fed to the food material F, and the manpower required for generation of the smoke S is extremely reduced.

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July 02, 2002
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December 22, 2000
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A23B4/052; A47J37/06; (IPC1-7): A23B4/052; A47J37/06
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吉川 晃司 (外1名)