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Japanese Patent JP3386879
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PURPOSE: To maintain the completeness of a stator core in terms of configuration by forming a V-shaped gap that is dispersed outward in radius direction at a group of plurality of flat lamination plates that are adjacent in a circumferential direction.
CONSTITUTION: An outer core 28 includes a plurality of groups 50 that are adjacent in circumferential direction of a flat core lamination plate 52 being arranged around a center axis cable core 54 of a pump 10, and the groups 50 have a certain thickness even in circumferential direction for the center axis line 54. Also, each lamination plate 52 limits an annular center middle hole 58 where an inner edge 52a has an inner diameter Di inclusively and has an outer edge 52b for inclusively limiting an annular outer periphery 60 with an outer diameter Do. Since, the circumference of the outer core 28 of the outer periphery 60 is longer than that of the center hole 58, the lamination plate 52 and the groups 50 have a certain thickness, the adjacent groups 50 are inevitably dispersed outward in radius direction at a sharp angle A and form a V-shaped gap 62 between the adjacent groups 50, thus maintaining the completeness of a stator core.

Fanning, Alan W.
Gonzales, Aaron A.
Patel, Mahadeo R.
Olich, Eugene E.
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Publication Date:
March 17, 2003
Filing Date:
April 04, 1994
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International Classes:
H02K1/12; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/06
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
松本 研一