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Japanese Patent JP3464515
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PURPOSE: To drive liquid metal with efficiency by making the stator core have tapered laminate plates in mutual contact in a circumferential direction, so that a radially inside center hole and a radially outside circumferential surface are formed, and increasing the thickness from the inside edge to the outside edge and then forming a passage which is continuous along the circumferential surface.
CONSTITUTION: A stator inside core 48 has a radially inside center hole 54, which extends radially outwards from a center axis 52 and has an inside diameter Di. Further, it has a tapered laminated plates 50 in mutual contact in the circumferential direction, so that a radially inside peripheral surface 56 with an outside diameter D0 is formed. The laminated plates 50 are as long as each another and lie on an identical plane and form a ring. The laminated plates 50 has a radially inside edge 50a and a radius- inside edge 50b, and a thickness T measured in the circumferential direction increases from an edge 50a to an edge 50b. The edge 50b is larger than the edge 50a and the laminate plates 50 come into mutual contact, to form a continuous passage contiguously to the circumferential surface 56 and a center hole 54, thereby forming a uniform passage which transmits magnetic flux from an inside coil 42 to a flow passage 16.

Fanning, Alan W.
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November 10, 2003
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January 11, 1994
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G21C15/243; H02K1/12; H02K1/18; H02K3/00; H02K41/025; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02K44/06; G21C15/243; H02K1/18
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松本 研一