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Japanese Patent JPH04183933
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PURPOSE: To increase freedom degree of rotational speed setting while releasing requirement on guidance of a lubricating oil piping without restricting its place of arrangement by providing such constitution that a gear type oil pump exclusive for lubrication is provided while rotational speed is changed through this pump.

CONSTITUTION: A fixed flange 5 and a movable flange 7 are provided in a speed change pulley 3 which is connected to the engine of a vehicle so as to compose a continuously variable transmission. In this case, the fixed flange 5 is spline-connected to the input shaft 11 of a gear type oil pump 9. On the other hand, the casing of a supercharge 1 consists of a pump casing 13, a casing main body 15, and a flange 17. The oil pump 9 is installed on the pump casing 13 and the main body 15, and the input shaft 11 is supported respectively on the pump casing 13 and the main body 15 by bearings 19, 21. Hence, oil 45 is drawn up from an oil reservoir 47 by the oil pump 9, and sprinkled from a discharging hole 51 toward the insides of the main body 15 and the flange 17, then each part is lubricated to return the oil 45 into the oil reservoir 47.

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Publication Date:
June 30, 1992
Filing Date:
November 20, 1990
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F02B39/14; F04C2/08; F04C13/00; F16H1/28; (IPC1-7): F02B39/14; F04C2/08; F04C13/00; F16H1/28