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Japanese Patent JP3137493
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PURPOSE: To constitute the tableware washing machine so that a detecting part of a detecting device for detecting a dirty state of a washing liquid by trans-mittance of light is scarcely solid, and also, its cleaning can be executed easily, and moreover, the time for cleaning its detecting part can be executed more appropriately.
CONSTITUTION: This tableware washing machine is constituted so that only a washing liquid from which a dirty substance whose grain size is large is eliminated through a filter 27 from a washing chamber 23 to a detecting part 28 part by placing the detecting part 28 in the inside of a water storage chamber 26 having the filter 27 which can be opened and closed easily with a hand between the water storage chamber and the washing chamber 23, and also, its cleaning can be executed by such simplicity as opening the filter 27 with a hand, and only putting a hand into the water storage chamber 26. Moreover, when first water supply is completed after the operation is started, in the case a detection output of a detecting device 30 does not reach a prescribed value, even if the detecting device 30 is adjusted so that its detection output becomes the prescribed value, a display for demanding the cleaning of the detecting part 28 is executed.

Nishiwaki, Satoshi
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Publication Date:
February 19, 2001
Filing Date:
April 22, 1993
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International Classes:
A47L15/42; (IPC1-7): A47L15/42
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佐藤 強 (外1名)