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Japanese Patent JPH03267021
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PURPOSE: To contrive steam not to be discharged from an overflow pipe and eliminate the possibility of a burn by forming a trap near the terminal of the overflow pipe of a storage hot-water tank.

CONSTITUTION: The internal section of a box body 2 is provided with a storage hot-water tank 1 provided with an overflow pipe 3, a feed hot-water pipe 6, and a heater 9, a tea filter 12 fitted on an automatic reversing device 11, and an automatic tea leaf feeder 13 for feeding a fixed quantity of tea leaves to the tea filter 12. Besides, a hopper 15a set directly under the tea filter 12 is formed on a ceiling section, and a sink stand 15b for placing a slatted drain- board 16 for mounting a cup 14 on is formed on a bottom surface, respectively, and a tea feeding chamber 15 for forming a water receiving inlet 15c for receiving the drain of the overflow pipe 3, at one end of the sink stand 15b, and a drain tank 17 for storing water coming out of the drain port 15d of the sink stand 15b are respectively arranged. Then, near the terminal of the overflow pipe 3, a trap 3a is formed. As a result, steam is not discharged from the overflow pipe, and the possibility of a burn is eliminated.

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Publication Date:
November 27, 1991
Filing Date:
March 17, 1990
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A47J31/00; (IPC1-7): A47J31/00