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Japanese Patent JPH11265744
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To provide a terminal structure electrically connecting a plurality of components by providing a terminal section to be connected to an external terminal on the tip side, and bending a connecting pin provided with a groove section on the outer periphery of the diameter on the base section side and a notch section punched into a band shape on one end section side of a long plate member to apply elasticity.

A housing 1 is constituted of a base section 6 located on the lower side and an upper section 8 located on the upper side of the base section 6, and two through holes 24 communicating the base section 6 and the upper section 8 are provided. Each through hole 24 has an expanded hole on the base section 6 side, and a coupling section 25 coupling and hooking a coupling pin 22 is provided. For assembling, sliding terminals 11 on the tip side of the spring pins 22 are coupled and inserted from the bottom direction of the through holes 24 of the housing 1. Large-diameter sections 31 is coupled, protruded stripe sections 30 are slid and coupled with the inner wall faces of the through holes 24 in pressure contact, and the movement of the sliding terminals 11 insertable into tube sections 10 while avoiding the damage to them to the maximum can be smoothly maintained.

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Publication Date:
September 28, 1999
Filing Date:
March 18, 1998
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H01R4/48; H01R13/24; H01R43/16; H01R13/17; H01R13/22; (IPC1-7): H01R4/48; H01R9/09
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佐々木 功 (外1名)