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Japanese Patent JP3430316
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PURPOSE: To provide a novel compound having tumor inhibiting effects and useful as an anti-tumor agent, etc.
CONSTITUTION: A novel tetrapeptide is represented by formula I (wherein R1 is OCH3, NO2 or the like; R is OCH3, H or the like; R3 is H or Cl; and provided that when R1 is NO2, F or the like, R2=R3=H, when R2 is Cl, R1=R3=H, when R3 is Cl, R1=R2=H, and when R1 is OCH3, R2=R1 and R3=H) and is, e.g. [2S=[[1R*(R*),2S*], 2R*[1S*,2S*]]]-N,N-dimethyl-L-valyl-N-[2- methoxy-4-[2-[1-methoxy-2-methyl-3-oxo-3-[ [2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl) ethyl]amino]propyl]-1-pyrrolidine-1-(methylpropyl)-4-oxobutyl]-N-methyl-L- valineamide. This compound is obtained by reacting a compound of formula II with an amine of formula III and then coupling the product of a trifluoroacetic acid salt with a tripeptide.

Pettit, George R.
Barkoczy, Jozsef
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Publication Date:
July 28, 2003
Filing Date:
December 01, 1993
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Univ, Arizona Found
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A61K38/00; A61P35/00; A61P35/02; C07K5/02; C07K5/027; (IPC1-7): C07K5/027
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桑原 尚雄