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Textile treatment agent and textile treatment method
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Japanese Patent JP6335787
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A fiber product treatment agent having: a nonionic surfactant as a component (A); a cellulase as a component (B); and one or more components selected from compounds and or salts thereof represented by the formula (c1) as a component (C) (in the formula, R10 is a C13-C23 straight-chain or branched-chain hydrocarbon group, and R11 is a C1-C4 straight-chain or branched-chain alkylene group. R12 and R13 are each independently a C1-C4 straight-chain or branched-chain alkyl group, a C1-C4 straight-chain or branched-chain hydroxyalkyl group, or a (poly)oxyethylene group in which the average number of repeating oxyethylene groups is 1 to 25), where the mass ratio represented by component (B)/component (C) is 0.05 to 3.

Sada Iihara
Niikura Mayumi
Takashi Kasuga
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Publication Date:
May 30, 2018
Filing Date:
November 19, 2013
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LION Corporation
International Classes:
D06M16/00; C11D1/40; C11D3/37; C11D3/386; D06M13/328; D06M13/402; D06M15/643
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Masatake Shiga
Tadashi Takahashi
Suzuki Mitsuyoshi
Yuichiro Kawagoe
Hiroyuki Kato