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Japanese Patent JP2005201734
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To actualize the enhancement of detection accuracy by bringing a window material and a thermopile chip as close as possible to each other to eliminate the effect of infrared radiation independently of changes in environmental temperatures.

A corner part of a rectangular thermopile chip 2 provided on an upper surface of a stem 1 is bonded to an end part of a lead pin 4 on the stem 1 side by means of a bonding wire 5. An opening part 8 is formed in an upper surface part of the thermopile chip 2 corresponding to a light receiving part 6 thereof. The stem 1 is crowned with a downward opening cap 7, with a rectangular window material 9 fitted to an inner surface thereof for blocking the opening part 8. The window material 9 and the thermopile chip 2 are disposed and fixed in a relative positional relation in which they are angularly shifted from each other so that the window material 9 does not overlap with the bonding wire 5 in top plan view, and that the window material 9 overlaps with the bonding wire 5 one above the other in horizontal plan view.

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July 28, 2005
Filing Date:
January 14, 2004
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G01V8/12; G01J1/02; G01J5/02; G01J5/12; G01J5/14; G01N21/61; H01L35/10; (IPC1-7): G01J1/02; G01J5/02; H01L35/10
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藤本 英夫