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Japanese Patent JP3519025
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the sticking of pressure mark due to an elastic member, and to prevent the leakage of excrement.
SOLUTION: A wearing article is provided with both end parts 1a longitudinally extended, and front and rear end parts 1b, 1c laterally extended; and the elastic member around the leg is fitted along both side parts 1a in the extended condition. The elastic member is made up of a first elastic member 5a positioned in the central part in the longitudinal direction of both side parts 1a, a second elastic member 5b positioned on the side of the front end part 1b and connected to the first elastic member 5a, and a third elastic member 5c positioned on the side of the rear end part 1c and connected to the first elastic member 5a. Respective tensile strength of the first to third elastic members 5a, 5b, 5c have the following relationship: The tensile strength of the first elastic member 5a > that of third elastic member 5c < that of the second elastic member 5b.

Kumasaka, Yoshinori
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Publication Date:
April 12, 2004
Filing Date:
July 27, 1999
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International Classes:
A61F13/494; A61F5/44; A61F13/15; (IPC1-7): A61F13/15; A61F5/44; A61F13/494
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白浜 吉治 (外1名)