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Japanese Patent JP3700597
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a handy timer device for a heating cooker, where the heating time always becomes constant even if the user performs continuous cooking without changing a heating time setting means constituted of a variable resistor.
SOLUTION: This timer device can judge whether the heating time setting means is changed from the last cooking or not at the time of recooking, by being provided with a time change prevention means 2c which makes the settled heating time stored in a time storage means 2b the present settled heating time when continuous cooking is performed in such a condition that the set heating time by heating time setting means 1 is the same, and if it is not changed, this makes the settled heating time in the last cooking stored in the time storage means 2b the present settled heating time. Thereby, in the case that continuous cooking is performed, the last settled heating time and the present one become the same, and this is easy to handle in use by preventing the heating time from being changed in condition that the heating time setting means 1 is fixed.

Hiroshi Tanaka Exhibition
Takayumi Fukuda
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September 28, 2005
Filing Date:
March 19, 2001
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
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F24C7/02; A47J27/00; F24C7/04; F24C15/00; (IPC1-7): F24C7/04; A47J27/00; F24C7/02; F24C15/00
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Fumio Iwahashi
Tomoyasu Sakaguchi
Hiroki Naito