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Japanese Patent JPH10215949
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To provide a toothbrush handle formed suitably for brushing based on a palm grip method.

This toothbrush handle is composed of a head part 2 for planting bristle bundles, neck part 3 continued to the head part 2 and holding part 4 continued to the neck part 3. Thickness t1 of holding part 4 is set within the ranges of thickness t1 of fore part P1=6 to 8mm and thickness t3 of rear part P3=8 to 11mm on the condition of fore part P1< rear part P3, and width W1 of holding part 4 is set within the ranges of width W1 of fore part P1=12 to 16mm, width W3 of rear part P3=10 to 14mm and width W2 of central part P2=10 to 12mm on the condition of fore part P1> rear part P3> central part P2. Besides, the entire holding part 4 is smoothly curved while being projected toward the side of brush surface positioning planting holes 1 on the head part 2. Further, rubber skid stoppers 7 and 8 are buried at the desired positions of holding part 4.

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Publication Date:
August 18, 1998
Filing Date:
February 03, 1997
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A46B5/00; A46B5/02; (IPC1-7): A46B5/00; A46B5/02
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薬師 稔 (外1名)