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Japanese Patent JPH07134072
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PURPOSE: To provide such a device that can simultaneously detect the torque applied to an input shaft and output shaft which are coupled to each other and coaxially rotate and the rotational angles of the shafts with a simple constitution.

CONSTITUTION: An input shaft 1 and output shaft 2 are coaxially coupled through a torsion bar 4. A cylindrical body 5 is put on the shaft 1 so that the rotation of the shaft 1 around its axis can be restricted and the sliding of the shaft 1 in the axial direction can be permitted and another cylindrical body 6 is put on the shaft 2 so that the rotation around its axis and the sliding in the axial direction of the shaft 2 can be restricted. The bodies 5 and 6 are constituted so that the body 5 can slide in the axial direction when the slopes at front ends of the bodies 5 and 6 are pressed against each other by pushing the body 5 from its base end side with a spring 12 and the shafts 1 and 2 are displaced against each other following the torsion of the bar 4 caused by the torque applied to the shafts 1 and 2. A detecting disk 7 is put on the body 5 at a middle position and the movement of the disk 7 caused by the rotation and sliding of the body 5 are detected with potentiometers 8 and 9 respectively having contactors 80 and 90 which come into contact with the disk 7 at counterposed positions in the radial direction of the disk 7. The torque working on the shafts 1 and 2 is found from the sum of the outputs of the potentiometers 8 and 9 and rotational angles of the shafts 1 and 2 are found from the difference between the outputs.

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May 23, 1995
Filing Date:
November 09, 1993
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G01L3/14; B62D5/04; G01B21/22; G01D5/165; (IPC1-7): G01L3/14; G01B21/22; G01D5/165
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河野 登夫