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Japanese Patent JPH03191417
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PURPOSE: To estimate an always correct position even if relation between a voltage value and a position is varied due to various factors by providing the touch panel position detector with a position detecting means for finding out a depressed position on the surface of a touch panel from a voltage detected by a voltage detecting means, etc.

CONSTITUTION: A power supply, a reference voltage, etc., to be supplied to the touch panel 1 whose resistance value is changed in accordance with a position depressing the surface of the touch panel 1 are applied for every switching of a position detecting direction on the touch panel 1 by a power supply switching means 2. A voltage value proportional to the resistance value of the panel 1 is found out by the voltage detecting means 3 in accordance with a voltage applied by the means 2 and the position depressing the surface of the panel 1 is found out by the position detecting means 4 based upon the voltage value. In the case of detecting the position of a touch panel 5 in the X direction, a voltage is impressed in the detecting direction. Namely, when a terminal 11 is grounded and a power supply 6 is connected to a terminal 10, potential is increased in the direction from the terminal 11 to the terminal 10. Potential corresponding to the depressed position is generated on a voltmeter 7 at the time of depressing the surface of the panel 5. When the sides of terminals 11, 10 are respectively depressed, '0' V and the voltage of the power supple 6 are respectively shown on the voltmeter 7.

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Publication Date:
August 21, 1991
Filing Date:
December 21, 1989
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International Classes:
G06F3/045; G06F3/03; G06F3/041; G06F3/048; H03K17/96; (IPC1-7): G06F3/03; H03K17/96