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Japanese Patent JP2000346686
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To provide an ultrasonic flowmeter in which the bypass means of an ultrasonic signal is installed and in which a circuit-delay-time measuring means and a flow-velocity correction and computing means are provided.

This flowmeter is provided with an ultrasonic sensor 1A and an ultrasonic sensor 1B which are tilted with reference to the flow direction of a fluid and which are arranged in such a way that their transmission side faces their reception side. The flowmeter is provided with a transmission means 2 which excites the ultrasonic sensor 1A (1B) on one side and which transmits an ultrasonic signal 1a from the upstream side or the downstraem side. The flowmeter is provided with a time measuring means 3 in which the ultrasonic signal 1a propagated in the fluid is detected by the ultrasonic sensor 1B (1A) on the other side and by which the propagation time of the ultrasonic signal 1a to the downstream direction and the upstream direction is measured. The flowmeter is provided with a flow-rate computing means 4 by which the flow velocity F or the flow rate of the fluid is computed on the basis of the propatation time. Then, a bypass means 5 which bypasses a part between the transmission-side ultrasonic sensor 1A (1B) and the reception-side ultrasonic sensor 1B (1A) and which transfers an electric signal to the time measuring means 3 from the transmission means 2 is provided.

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Publication Date:
December 15, 2000
Filing Date:
June 08, 1999
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International Classes:
G01F1/66; (IPC1-7): G01F1/66
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Shoji Shinobe