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Japanese Patent JPH04360429
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PURPOSE: To attain efficient talking by measuring a distance with an opposite vessel at the start of talking.

CONSTITUTION: When a range finder switch 8 is switched to the position of the range finding, a range finding pulse Pi is fed from a range finding pulse generating section 7 to a gate circuit 10 and gated by using a clock C from a clock generating section 9, and the pulse radiates in water as a sound wave via a transmission section 6, a transmission reception changeover section 2 and a transmission reception wave section 1. A reception section 3 is set to the reception state at all times and the received signal is demodulated. The range finding pulse component is detected by a range finding pulse detection section 11. An underwater communication equipment of an opposite vessel detects the range finding pulse and sends it reflectedly as a reply range finding pulse. The reply range finding pulse sent from the opposite vessel is detected by the range finding pulse detection section 11 and outputted as a reply range finding pulse Pr. A distance calculation display section 12 measures a time difference between the reply range finding pulse Pr and the range finding pulse Pi via a switch 8 and calculates the distance and displays it.

Application Number:
Publication Date:
December 14, 1992
Filing Date:
June 07, 1991
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International Classes:
G01S15/10; H04B11/00; H04B13/02; (IPC1-7): G01S15/10; H04B11/00; H04B13/02