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Japanese Patent JP2020193056
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To provide an unloading device capable of preventing the deformation of a workpiece due to its self-weight during unloading in the unloading device for unloading a plurality of workpieces stacked in multiple stages in a truck cargo chamber, a container chamber or the like.SOLUTION: An unloading device 1 unloads workpieces W individually. When an uppermost workpiece WH held by a holding unit 60 is drawn out by a robot 3, a receiving table 100 can receive and support a bottom face WH1 of the drawn uppermost workpiece WH. When it is determined by a control unit that a lower workpiece WL exists under the uppermost workpiece WH, the receiving table 100 advances toward a slide base 80 at a speed synchronized with the drawing speed so that a top distance D1 between a leading end of the receiving table 100 and a front face WL2 of the lower workpiece WL facing the leading end of the receiving table 100 is kept at a first distance before and after the uppermost workpiece WH held by the holding unit 60 is drawn out by the robot 3.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 9

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December 03, 2020
Filing Date:
May 27, 2019
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B65G67/24; B25J13/00; B65G47/91; B65G59/02
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Okada International Patent Office

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