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Japanese Patent JP3772340
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To eliminate a wasteful time, and improve an oscillation and responsiveness characteristic by arranging an integral switch for turning on/off a function of an integrator in relation to change of a set signal on a front stage of a controller for taking in a signal of a valve opening sensor, and controlling a timing of an integral motion of the integrator.
SOLUTION: An integral switch 30 is arranged on a front stage of an integrator 1a. A SP change detecting means 31 for detecting change of a set signal (a SP) and a PV value detecting means 32 are disposed, and the integral switch 30 is turned on/off on the basis of those signals. When the set signal SP is changed, its change is detected by the detecting means 31, a signal is outputted, and the integral switch 30 is turned off. Furthermore, calculation according to the SP is carried out, the PV is outputted from a positioning sensor 5 of a regulating valve. When the output of the PV is detected by the detecting means 32, a signal is outputted, the integral switch 30 is turned on, and an integral motion is started. In the case where a set signal is changed, the integrator is turned off, and the integrator is operated in the case where the set signal is not changed.

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May 10, 2006
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August 06, 1999
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F16K31/06; G05B13/02; F16K31/04; (IPC1-7): F16K31/06; F16K31/04; G05B13/02
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