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Japanese Patent JP2017136992
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vehicle slope storing mechanism capable of stably holding a slope in a standing attitude, and improving storage workability of the slope.SOLUTION: A vehicle slope storing mechanism includes: a slope 2 mounted on the back part of a vehicle body 1 so as to be turnable between a development attitude extending to the outer part of the vehicle body 1 passing through an opening 1a at the back surface of the vehicle body 1 from a space in the back part of the vehicle body 1, and a standing attitude along a vertical direction in a space in the back part of the vehicle body 1; and holding devices 3, 13 capable of holding the slope 2 in the standing attitude. The holding devices 3, 13 include: engagement members 4, 14 mounted on one of an opening side edge part 1c and the slope 2; and engaged members 5, 15 mounted on another of the opening side edge part 1c and the slope 2. According to such a mechanism, the engagement members 4, 14 are rotatable around an axial line 4a along a vehicle front/back direction in the standing attitude, and the holding devices 3, 13 hold the slope 2 in a condition where such engagement member 4 is engaged with holding recession parts 5a, 15a formed on the engaged members 5, 15.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6

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Publication Date:
August 10, 2017
Filing Date:
February 04, 2016
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International Classes:
B60R3/02; A61G3/02; B60P3/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
奥山 尚一
有原 幸一
松島 鉄男
河村 英文
中村 綾子
森本 聡二
田中 祐
徳本 浩一

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