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Japanese Patent JP3223672
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PURPOSE: To prevent a former video signal from remaining when switching an input signal.
CONSTITUTION: Signals from input terminals la and lb are switched by a changeover switch 2. The signal from this changeover switch 2 is supplied through an adder 3 to a one-frame memory 4, for example. Then, a signal delayed for one frame period, for example, is extracted at an output terminal 5. On the other hand, a signal delayed for one frame period at the one-frame memory 4 is supplied to an attenuator 6. The signal attenuated for a prescribed amount at this attenuator 6 is fed back through a switch 7 to an adder 3 on the input side of the one-frame memory 4 and added to the delayed signal after one frame period. Then, this switch 7 and that changeover switch 2 are controlled by a control circuit 8. Thus, the switch 7 is turned off during the period of several frames after switching editing is performed, and the processing of noise reduction is stopped.

Sudo, Yutaka
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Publication Date:
October 29, 2001
Filing Date:
December 10, 1993
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H04N5/21; G11B20/02; G11B27/02; G11B27/024; H04N5/268; H04N5/91; H04N5/93; H04N5/937; (IPC1-7): H04N5/93; H04N5/21; H04N5/268
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松隈 秀盛