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Japanese Patent JPH0960320
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To inexpensively, stably and continuously dilute water by use of an osmotic phenomenon and a static pressure obtained by the water level difference, by connecting the first pipe drawing the sprinkling water of an enclosed cooling tower and the second pipe drawing the water in an elevated water tank installed higher than the enclosed cooling tower through a reverse osmotic membrane device.

A part of sprinkling water 3 is drawn through a pipe 2 and the sprinkling water volume is kept constant by an overflow mechanism 8. A pipe 5 is connected to an appropriate position of an elevated water tank 4 to draw out a part of water 6 therein. The pipe 2 and the pipe 5 are arranged to contact each other through an reverse osmosis memberane device. The elevated water tank 4 is installed at a higher position than an enclosed cooling tower 1 to obtain a water level difference. The sprinkling water 3 gets thicker in the concentration owing to evapolation or pollusion, when it gets into contact with air, but the water in elevated water tank is lower in the concentration than the sprinkling water and the concentration is kept constant. And hence an osmotic pressure corresponding to the concentration of the sprinkling water 3 is always generated in the reverse osmosis membrane device and a static pressure acts in accordance with the water level difference 9. In this time, the water level difference 9 and the reverse osmosis membrane are decided so that the pressure Q summing up the osmotic pressure P resulting from the concentration difference and the static pressure P resulting from the water level difference keeps an appropriate value.

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March 04, 1997
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August 16, 1995
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E04H5/12; F28D5/00; F28F25/00; F28F25/02; (IPC1-7): E04H5/12; F28D5/00; F28F25/02
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Inomata Shoaki