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Japanese Patent JPH03249051
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PURPOSE: To control the position of a frame with precision by providing an electric motor controlling means for controlling an electric motor so that a frame holding a pressure contact roll follows the diameter of a winding roll, and a speed correcting means for correcting the speed of the electric motor according to the variable diameter of the winding roll and the position of the pressure contact roll.

CONSTITUTION: A position detector 11 for detecting the position of a frame 4 performs integration of the numbers of revolution of an electric motor 8 for moving the frame detected by a number of revolution detector 9 while marking the numbers with marks of + and - according to the direction of rotation and calculates the distance moved by the frame 4 so as to detect the position of the frame 4. A speed correction calculator 12 performs proportional integration of the deviation of the diameter of a roll calculated by a winding roll diameter detector 10 i.e., the surface position of the roll from the position of the frame 4 detected by the position detector 11 and calculates the amount by which the speed of the electric motor 8 for moving the frame is corrected. An electric motor controlling device 14 adds a speed reference signal to a speed correction signal and compares the result of addition to a speed feedback signal and controls the speed of the electric motor 8 for moving the frame so that deviation of the result of addition from the speed feedback signal is zero.

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Publication Date:
November 07, 1991
Filing Date:
February 26, 1990
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International Classes:
B65H18/26; B65H23/198; (IPC1-7): B65H18/26; B65H23/198