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Japanese Patent JPH10110450
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To place a car body on the ground surface of a scarp under a stable state, and to carry out safe works by installing a winch with a wire and a rotatable safety member against overturning and a pushing device pushing the safety member against overturning against the ground surface to a working car for a slope.

The working car 1 for the slope is retained and fixed to anchors fixed onto the face of the slope by using hookes for the wires 14a, 14a of a pair of winches 14, 14. The roller 64 of a safety member against overturning 65 for a safety against overturning 15 projected and mounted to a rear from the rear section of a car body 2 is pushed against a ground surface at fixed pushing force at all times by a hydraulic cylinder 68 as a pusher, and the stability of the car body 2 on a scarp is maintained. A pantagraph-shaped link 24 is expanded and contracted by operating the hydraulic cylinder 28 in a rolling mechanism 8, a baseplate 7 is rotated while using a pivot 6 as a support, and the baseplate 7 is brought to an approximately horizontal state in response to the inclination of the car body 2 at the time of works on the slope. Accordingly, the car body is kept under a stable state even on the slope at a steep slope, and safe works are carried out.

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April 28, 1998
Filing Date:
October 03, 1996
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B62D55/02; B62D55/116; B66C23/78; B66C23/88; B66D1/60; E02F9/02; E02F9/08; E02F9/12; E02F9/24; (IPC1-7): E02F9/02; B62D55/02; B62D55/116; B66C23/78; B66C23/88; B66D1/60; E02F9/24
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三浦 光康