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A bottom for sports
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Japanese Patent JP5990637
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The problem addressed by the present invention is providing lower body wear for sports, such as tights, that does not give rise to interference with skin elongation arising in the area of the gluteus maximus during leg raising and leg spreading, has excellent fitting properties, and for which upward slipping at the hem does not arise easily. In lower body wear for sports, such as tights, spats, and pants, a vertical leg seam line (1) for forming a leg part in a cylindrical shape is disposed so as to follow the rear edge of the iliotibial band (F) of the femoral area from a position rearward of the trochanter major (E) and so as to avoid the gluteus maximus (H), thereby not inhibiting the large elongation of the skin at the buttocks generated in the longitudinal direction of the leg, making for excellent fitting properties, and making upward slipping at the hem not arise easily.

Takamoto Yoshikuni
Yutaka Koga
Omuro Mamoru
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September 14, 2016
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March 25, 2013
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ASICS Corporation
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A41D1/08; A41D1/089; A41D1/06; A41D13/00
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Torii Kazuhisa
Torii Hiroshi