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The control method of a direct injection type fuel injection pump
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Japanese Patent JP6044664
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A pump may have a first chamber and a solenoid coil to control movement of a first valve member. A second chamber may have a second valve member to control fluid moving into a third chamber. A first fluid passageway may link the first and second chambers, a second passageway may link second and third chambers and a third passageway may link third and fourth chambers. After pressurizing the third chamber causing fluid to flow into and leave a fourth chamber, the third chamber depressurizes due to downward movement of a plunger. Upon depressurization with a solenoid coil energized, second valve member floats and then moves against a valve seat. While the second valve member is moving toward the valve seat, the solenoid coil is de-energized causing the first valve member to move and strike the second valve member when the second valve member is moving at maximum velocity.

Tsutomu Furuhashi
Rebecca Spence
Joseph Rubinski
Diana Lama Mercy
Kaoru Oda
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Publication Date:
December 14, 2016
Filing Date:
March 03, 2015
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デンソー インターナショナル アメリカ インコーポレーテッド
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F02M59/36; F02M51/00; F02M59/44; F02M59/46
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Takanori Kubo
Kazuyuki Yahagi
Taihei Nonobe