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The controlling method, the computer program for management, and managerial system of an operating machine
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Japanese Patent JP5941123
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce time and labor of protecting personal information of an operator of a work machine and enable an owner or supervisor, etc. to easily recognize a correspondence relation between the operator and work information of the work machine.SOLUTION: A management system 100 comprises a management device 40. The management device 40 acquires and totals pieces of work information WI collected by a work machine 1 via a communication line 101. A terminal device 105 connected to the communication line 101 acquires from the management device 40 a correspondence relation between an identification number DN for identifying that the work machine 1 can be operated and the work information WI of the work machine 1, and generates the relationship between the name of an operator and the work information WI by using the correspondence relation between the identification number DN and the work information WI and the correspondence relation between the name of an operator operating the work machine 1 and the identification number DN.

Takemoto Toshiyuki
Kazuhiro Yoshida
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Publication Date:
June 29, 2016
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November 13, 2014
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G05B19/418; E02F9/20; G07C3/00; G08G1/00
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Hiroaki Sakai