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A conversion field code book device in CELP coda
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Japanese Patent JP6173304
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Codebook Arrangement for use in coding an input sound signal includes First and Second Codebook Stages. First Codebook Stage includes one of a time-domain CELP codebook and a transform-domain codebook. Second Codebook Stage follows the first codebook stage and includes the other of the time-domain CELP codebook and the transform-domain codebook. Codebook Stage includes an adaptive codebook may be provided before First Codebook Stage. A selector may be provided to select an order of the time-domain CELP codebook and the transform-domain codebook in First and Second Codebook Stages, respectively, as a function of characteristics of the input sound signal. The selector may also be responsive to both the characteristics of the input sound signal and a bit rate of the codec using Codebook Arrangement to bypass Second Codebook Stage. Codebook Arrangement can be used in a coder of an input sound signal.

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Publication Date:
August 02, 2017
Filing Date:
May 09, 2012
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International Classes:
G10L19/08; G10L19/16
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村山 靖彦
志賀 正武
渡邊 隆
実広 信哉