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The freezer provided with the compressor machine, the cooling machine provided with the compressor machine, and the compressor machine
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Japanese Patent JP6240190
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A compressor device that periodically supplies compressed working gas to a cooling device loses less gas by not using a rotary valve. The compressor device includes a compressor chamber, a working gas connection, a working liquid connection, a pump, a compensation container and a membrane that is airtight and liquid-tight. The membrane divides the compressor chamber into a first volume containing a working gas and a second volume containing a working liquid. The working gas connection is coupled to the first volume, and the working liquid connection is coupled to the second volume. The pump periodically pumps the working liquid through the working liquid connection and into the second volume and as a result periodically compresses the working gas in the first volume. The membrane is constructed as a balloon or a bellows that surrounds the first volume. The compensation container contains working liquid and is connected to the pump.

Hachen Jens
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November 29, 2017
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July 26, 2013
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F04B45/033; F04B37/08; F25B9/00; F25B9/14
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Meisei International Patent Office