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A gas diffusion electrode, a method for manufacturing the same, a membrane electrode assembly including the gas diffusion electrode, and a method for manufacturing the membrane electrode assembly containing the gas diffusion electrode.
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Japanese Patent JP6284602
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A process for producing a gas diffusion electrode comprising the steps of: casting a porous electrically conductive web with a suspension of particles of an electrically conductive material in a solution of a first binder to provide a first layer which is an electrochemically active layer (AL); casting a suspension of particles of a hydrophobic material in a solution of a second binder on said first layer to provide a second layer; and subjecting said first and second layer to phase inversion thereby realizing porosity in both said first layer and said second layer, wherein said subjection of said second layer to phase inversion thereby realizes a water repellent layer; a gas diffusion electrode obtained therewith; the use of a gas diffusion electrode in an membrane electrode assembly; a membrane electrode assembly comprising the gas diffusion electrode; and a method of producing a membrane electrode assembly is realized, said membrane electrode assembly comprising a membrane sandwiched between two electrodes at least one of which is a gas diffusion electrode, wherein said method comprises the step of casting said membrane electrode assembly in a single pass.

Albars Gallego, Yolanda
Philippe Bermeiren
Claes, Andre Victor
Adrian Sense, Walter
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Publication Date:
February 28, 2018
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October 20, 2016
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Vito NV
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H01M4/86; H01M4/88
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Hiroe Associates Patent Office