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An image forming device provided with a development device and this
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Japanese Patent JP6170850
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A developing device includes a housing, a stirring member, a developing unit body, a driving device, a detecting device, and a control device. The housing accommodates developer supplied from a supply means and including toner and carrier. The stirring member rotates in the housing to stir the developer. The developing unit body rotates in the housing to convey the developer toward an image carrying member from the stirring member and attaches the toner to the image carrying member. The driving device rotationally drive at least one of the stirring member and the developing unit body. The detecting device detects the torque of the driving device. The control device performs a recovery process of controlling the supply means to supply at least one of the carrier and the developer to an interior of the housing when a detection result of the detecting device has a value lower than a threshold value.

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Tamotsu Shimizu
Matayoshi Akira
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July 26, 2017
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March 04, 2014
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Kyocera Document Solutions Co., Ltd.
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G03G15/08; G03G15/00; G03G15/06
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Shuichi Kitamura
Kazuki Kodama