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An image processing device, an image processing method, and an image processing program
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Japanese Patent JP6221505
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An image processing device, includes a computer processor, the device includes: an acquiring unit configured to acquire an image including a first region of a user; an extracting unit configured to extract a color feature quantity or an intensity gradient feature quantity from the image: a detecting unit configured to detect the first region based on the color feature quantity or the intensity gradient feature quantity; and a selecting unit configured to select whether the detecting unit detects the first region using either the color feature quantity or the intensity gradient feature quantity, based on first information related to the speed of movement of the first region calculated from a comparison of the first regions in a plurality of images acquired at different times.

Atsushi Mogi
Shinicuma Koichiro
Takahiro Matsuda
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Publication Date:
November 01, 2017
Filing Date:
August 22, 2013
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International Classes:
G06T7/00; G06T7/90
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荒木良介 外1名,対象静止時にも対応した動きと色を特徴量とするCAMshiftによる実時間両手追跡手法,映像メディア処理シンポジウム 第17回シンポジウム資料,2012年10月24日,第79-80頁
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Kenji Shimoda