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A lighting device and a light
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Japanese Patent JP6070753
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lighting device and a lighting fixture that can light a light source in a short period after power-up and suppress pulsation of light source current causing flicker even when a capacitor having a large capacity is used.SOLUTION: A lighting device 100 has a rectifier circuit 2, a converter unit 3, and a controller 4. An output smoothing capacitor C3a is connected to the output terminal 102 of the lighting device 100 in parallel, and is also connected to the light source 50 in parallel. The converter unit 3 further includes a current limiting resistor R2 connected to the smoothing capacitor C3b in series, and a switching element SW2 provided in parallel to the current limiting resistor R2. A parallel circuit comprising the current limiting resistor R2 and the switching element SW2 is connected to the smoothing capacitor C3b in series, and a series-parallel circuit is constituted by these three circuit elements. The series-parallel circuit is connected to the output smoothing capacitor C3a in parallel, and also connected to the light source 50 in parallel.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Yuichiro Ito
Shinichi Shibahara
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February 01, 2017
Filing Date:
April 09, 2015
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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Lighting Co., Ltd.
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H01L33/00; H05B37/02; H01L51/50; H05B44/00
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Takada Mamoru
Hideki Takahashi
Jiro Ozawa