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A manufacturing method of a compound semiconductor nanoparticle for solar cells
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Japanese Patent JP6281835
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for easily producing at low cost sulfide nanoparticles of a metal material which forms a light absorption layer of a solar cell.SOLUTION: In a method for producing metal sulfide nanoparticles, a metal complex in which xanthate is coordinated is heated under an inert atmosphere. The metal xanthate has a molecular structure in which a metal ion is coordinated with the xanthate. The nanoparticles being a metal sulfide are produced by heating this metal xanthate. For this reason, a light absorption layer can be easily formed in a non-vacuum process at low temperature.

Kenji Yoshino
Shuji Hayase
Pandy Siamese Suder
Taro Shioda
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Publication Date:
February 21, 2018
Filing Date:
September 06, 2013
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National University Corporation Miyazaki University
Kyushu Institute of Technology
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H01L31/0749; B82Y20/00; B82Y30/00; B82Y40/00; C01G3/12; C01G9/08; C01G15/00; C01G19/00; C07C329/12
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Other References:
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Tsuneo Mizuno