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A manufacturing method of a reverse input interception clutch
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Japanese Patent JP6130587
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The purpose of the present invention is to suppress the rise of frictional resistance accompanying the increase in working time in a reverse input blocking clutch having an outer ring member formed from a sintered member and impregnated with anti-rust oil. A reverse input blocking clutch is provided with an input shaft (12) to which rotational force is inputted, an output shaft (13) for outputting rotational force, and an outer ring member (14) manufactured from a sintered member, wherein the outer ring member (14) is formed by impregnating tiny holes in the sintered member with a resin and then impregnating the holes with anti-rust oil. The reverse input blocking clutch accommodates a transmission mechanism for allowing the output shaft (13) to rotate when rotational force is exerted on the input shaft (12), and preventing the input shaft (12) from rotating when rotational force is exerted on the output shaft (13).

磯部 太郎
渡邉 俊一
森本 勇
井内 晴日
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May 17, 2017
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February 26, 2015
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F16D41/10; F16D41/06; F16D41/066; F16D63/00; F16D65/16; F16D67/02
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小野 尚純
飯田 隆
奥貫 佐知子
鹿角 剛二
小嶋 俊之