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A manufacturing method of a water absorption agent, an absorptive article, and a water absorption agent
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Japanese Patent JP6025953
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According to the present invention, a balance between lowering of the fine powder generated during the production, and lowering of the amount of residual monomer in the resulting water absorbent resin can be achieved. More particularly, according to the present invention, a water absorbent resin which includes a small amount of residual monomer and has a favorable physical property can be obtained while effectively reutilizing the fine powder generated in the production step of the water absorbent resin, without increasing using amount of an additive (at least one selected from the group consisting of thermal initiators, oxidizing agents and reducing agents) for reducing the residual monomer. In other words, the method for production of a water absorbent resin of the present invention is a method in which the residual monomer can be efficiently reduced, and in addition, an effect in terms of the production cost, i.e., recycling of the fine powder, can be also achieved similarly to conventional recycling methods of fine powder through agglomeration.

Kazuki Kimura
Shinichi Fujino
Katsuyuki Wada
Stone Saki Kunihiko
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Publication Date:
November 16, 2016
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November 13, 2015
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Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.
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B01J20/26; A61F13/49; A61F13/53; B01J20/28; C08F8/00; C08F20/06; C08J3/12
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Kengo Oka
Sumitomo Shiro