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A measuring device, a measuring method, a program, and a recording medium
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Japanese Patent JP5990906
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Provided is a measurement device including a measurement unit to radiate measurement light having a predetermined wavelength to at least a part of a living body, to detect the measurement light scattered inside the living body and then discharged from a surface of the living body, and to acquire a captured image of the living body by collecting the discharged measurement light using a lens array having a plurality of light receiving lenses arranged in an array shape, a vein position specification unit to specify a position of a vein present inside the living body based on the captured image, a vein depth specification unit to specify a depth of the vein based on the captured image, and a blood component estimation unit configured to estimate a blood component of the vein based on information obtained from the detected measurement light using the position and the depth of the vein.

Hideo Sato
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Publication Date:
September 14, 2016
Filing Date:
December 19, 2011
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International Classes:
A61B5/1455; A61B5/15
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Miaki Kametani
Tetsuo Kanamoto
Koji Hagiwara
Kazuki Matsumoto