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A method and a device which receive data in a radio communications system which supports cooperative transmission
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Japanese Patent JP5937761
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The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. A method for reporting CSI (Channel State Information) in a cooperative multi-point (CoMP) wireless communication system, the method performed by a user equipment (UE) and comprising receiving first resource configuration information for a CSI-RS (Channel-State Information-Reference Signal) and second resource configuration information for interference measurement; and calculating CSI using the first resource configuration information and the second resource configuration information, the CSI being for one or more base stations (BSs) among a plurality of BSs participating the COMP, wherein an interference measurement resource according to the second resource configuration information exists in a union of zero-power CSI-RS resources of each of the plurality of BSs.

Kim Hyun Tae
Kim unsung
Park Huncheon
Park Jung Hyun
Kim Kichon
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Publication Date:
June 22, 2016
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September 16, 2013
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LG Electronics Incorporated
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H04W72/04; H04W28/16
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Aoki Atsushi
Jun Tsuruta
Tomohiro Nanzan
Akira Kawai
Kenichi Nakamura