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A photographing instrument, a main part of a photographing instrument, and a lens barrel
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Japanese Patent JP6154081
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An imaging device includes an APD filter. In a case in which the APD filter is disposed on a light path of an incident ray, an imaging exposure is determined using a corrected diaphragm value (T number) obtained by correcting a diaphragm value on the basis of optical characteristics of the APD filter and an imaging diaphragm, which is determined during the determination of the imaging exposure, is set. After that, a search interval SD is determined using a diaphragm value (F number), which is not yet corrected, in a first range in which the diaphragm value is larger than a specific value EF, without using the corrected diaphragm value (T number), and the search interval SD is determined by using the specific value as the diaphragm value in a second range in which the diaphragm value is equal to or smaller than the specific value EF.

Akihiro Uchida
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June 28, 2017
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August 26, 2015
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FUJIFILM Corporation
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G02B7/36; G02B7/28; G03B5/00; G03B11/00; G03B13/36; G03B17/14; H04N5/232
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Kobayashi International Patent Office