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A removing method of a Fmoc basis
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Japanese Patent JP6136934
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The present invention relates to a method of removing an Fmoc group, including a step of mixing a compound represented by the formula (I): HS-L-COOH  (I) wherein L is a C1-8 alkylene group optionally having substituent(s), an amino group-containing compound protected by an Fmoc group, and a base to give a reaction mixture containing a compound represented by the formula (II): Fm—S-L-COOH  (II) wherein Fm is a 9-fluorenylmethyl group, and L is as mentioned above, and an amino group-containing compound, and a step of removing the compound represented by the formula (II) by washing the obtained reaction mixture with a basic aqueous solution. According to the present invention, a removal method of Fmoc group, which can remove a dibenzofulvene derivative as a byproduct with ease, can be provided.

Daisuke Takahashi
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Publication Date:
May 31, 2017
Filing Date:
December 14, 2012
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C07C227/04; C07C229/08; C07C329/06; C07K1/06
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Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2011, Vol.9, p.596-599
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Takashima Ichi
Kyoko Doi
Mitsunori Kamata
Yaeko Tamura
Kenji Yamamoto
Murata Miyuki
Junzo Koike
Hirofumi Toma