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A variable distance mechanism for an internal-combustion engine
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Japanese Patent JP5904686
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A mechanism for varying the stroke length of an internal combustion engine during each cycle of operation includes a gear set with a first gear non-rotatably mounted to the engine block and a second gear having teeth formed on an inner surface thereof meshing with the first gear to achieve a uniform mechanical crank arm and a variable cam arm for producing a varying length of piston reciprocation throughout the overall stroke cycle of the engine. The orientation of the crank arm and the cam arm relative to the axis of piston reciprocation is selected for causing the crank arm and the cam arm to cooperatively produce a positive torque on the crankshaft at the top dead center position of the piston. The gear set is also selectively configured and dimensioned to achieve a predetermined ratio of the length of the cam arm to the length of the crank arm.

Perez, Perez, Simon, Alfredo
Perez, Gonzalez, Lewis, Marino
Perez, perez, henrique, jose
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April 20, 2016
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September 07, 2012
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Lugo Diveloments Incorporated
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F02B75/32; F16C3/08
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Nobuaki Kazehaya
Noriko Asano